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    ADAC® from Sysmetic

    ADAC®  is the original, single-operator Automated Dry-cleaning Assembly Conveyor. Each ADAC system is a customized solution, engineered to meet your specific needs, building, volume and budget.

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    Route Sorter

    Sysmetic's Route Sorter is a conveyor system that integrates with the ADAC assembly conveyor. It can process assembled orders and dispatch them by route or drop stores to slick rails that are used for storage. No more waiting for spinning conveyors to offload them.

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    Universal Automated Uniform Storage System

    Our Universal Automated Uniform Storage System, the ASR-1000 is the most reliable in the industry. This solution is ideal for Hotels, Casinos and large Businesses.

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Slash staff costs and increase performance with the ADAC® from Sysmetic

What our clients say about the ADAC

  • We doubled our amount of business overnight. Without ADAC, we could have never pulled that off. And we think we can increase productivity in the future.

    Joe Lancaster
    Coral Gables Cleaners
  •  This is the first time I can point to specific things and say it’s saving me money here, here and here. It’s the biggest money saver I’ve had since I opened for business, cutting more than 100 hours of labor a week.

    Costa Glaropoulos
    Dry Clean Pros
  • It changed the way our business functions, for the first time, we have a system that is proactively telling us what we need to do.

    Milt Chortkoff
    Milt & Edie’s
  • If you’re looking for ways to organize your hang down and assembly area, and create accuracy and gain control of your pieces you really should look into ADAC technology.

    Ray Griffin
    Griffin Drycleaners

We are

Professional. Dedicated. Passionate.innovative.

A dedicated, in-house support staff consisting of engineers and software developers at Sysmetic supports each system.

On-line diagnostics allow remote troubleshooting to be fast, efficient and thorough.

Anyone can say they provide outstanding support. Talk to Sysmetic’s customers - we deliver it.

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